The process of following His lead each step of the way, discovering His message of love...

Sketching, as the Lord leads, is like an invitation to a date with Him. Jesus is my Kinsman Redeemer. On the left, I'm at a retreat with Hunger School Sunnyvale worshiping with Bethel's worship team. Anticipating our encounter on stage...a month later in Morgan Hill.


Our date was an encounter that lasted 4 days at Jubilee Bridge in Morgan Hill as Dawna DeSylva preached during Girl's on Fire.

Given that my healing started with Dawna's Sozo ministry, it was such a blessing to share His loving heart during her conference.

The prophetic word from that encounter, raw and as I received it:  We are His masterpiece quirks and all! Accepting and allowing His grace to wrap around ourselves is the first step to being in His plan for us. His love is so pure and holy. Nothing that we can think of, we've done, we feel, or that comes against us can separate us from His love. Be you! Be colorful! Be spicy! Be amazing! Be in Him! No matter what, Jesus is more than enough! He is breaking off shame and transmitting His relentless pursuit of us, just as we are.

When we allow Him to touch the parts of ourselves and the areas of our lives that don't line up with His Word, His plan or His hope for us, He transforms our ability to walk in His love and increases our territory and our authority over our lives. We can then expect and anticipate the fruit of His love and abundance of life that He had planned for us all along, and His joy will be full.

He can turn any circumstance any experience into something that works for your good the moment you surrender it to Him when you allow Him to show you what He thinks of it and what His truth says He will do about it. Allow His Holy Fire to be in His presence and you stand on Holy ground as Holy Spirit comes and He honors Him into your circumstances, it’s not complicated. Open your heart to His light, simply say Holy Spirit come from your heart...

You step out in faith and start noticing when He’s come through for you, your testimonies then become your praise for Him and as you build history with God, you grow until you are surrounded by the evidence of His faithfulness and you will walk in His authority and truth and you carry His Kingdom everywhere you go, and His favor will surround you like a shield.

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